Consider donating to the

Taranaki Community Fund 2020

established with Te Karaka Foundation

As the fallout from Covid-19 deepens, our communities will face increasing hardship. It sure is a test of human solidarity, and we will see community priorities and the funding landscape change.

We need the funding capacity to offer help wherever it’s needed. The most vulnerable are definitely going to be hit hard. People who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, who can’t afford to buy a week’s worth of food at once, are at risk during a health crisis like the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to washing your hands thoroughly and frequently, you can also support the Taranaki community by donating to Te Karaka’s Taranaki Community Fund 2020.

Let’s be kind and look after each other at this uncertain time.

Te Karaka’s Trustees and Staff wish you all the best for the time ahead. We are resilient and our sense of community and our human solidarity will get us through this difficult time.

Feel free to get in contact for more information about the Taranaki Community Fund 2020

Grace Wesolowska
Chief Executive

Te Karaka Foundation – Giving for Taranaki

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