Discussing charitable giving

As an adviser you play a key role in helping your clients to integrate their philanthropic goals into major personal, business and financial decisions. Te Karaka Foundation offers your clients a personal and enduring way to support the causes close to their home and close to their heart.

Gifts can be made in a number of ways. As an individual, family or organisation, your client can set up their own Named Fund or contribute to an established fund. Your clients can give to Taranaki during their lifetime and/or as part of a bequest.

There are many benefits of giving through Te Karaka Foundation:

  • Te Karaka Foundation’s regional focus and local expertise means that your client’s gift contributes to their own community
  • Because endowments are permanent your client’s gift keeps on giving, now and for generations to come
  • A Named Fund enables your client to specify the name of their fund and the organisations or initiatives they wish to support
  • Annual updates enable your client to keep track of their fund’s earnings and distributions
  • The reputable trustees and prudent stewardship of Te Karaka Foundation funds ensure that your client’s gift is in safe hands
  • Donations made to the Te Karaka Foundation may qualify for a tax credit

Our team can provide you with guidance and resources to assist you in establishing your client’s endowment fund.


Our team can provide legal advisers with sample will clauses and memorandums of wishes to assist in establishing your fund.

Please refer to the following templates when establishing a fund with your client: