Let’s plant 100,000 native trees in Taranaki to combat climate change and restore the environment. Add your name to our virtual giving tree and help build Te Karaka’s Taranaki Fund.

How does it work?
Give a native tree/s to commemorate an occasion such as the arrival of a new baby, a special anniversary or birthday or just because you like the idea of giving a tree to Taranaki!

Trees cost $100 and will be planted in Taranaki.

To buy a tree contact us or deposit money to 15-3953-0804837-00 (reference Trees).

Get recognition on Te Karaka’s website and Facebook page.

Why trees?
New Zealand needs millions more trees to combat climate change and restore the environment.

It also ties in nicely with our namesake – the Karaka tree.

This idea is inspired by Sir Stephen Tindall’s initiative to plant 200 million trees by 2030.

Where will the trees be planted?
Trees will be planted where there’s need, by established native tree planters, eg TRC riparian programmes.

We will let you know the date for our annual Forest of Generosity planting event. We can also plant your tree/s on your behalf.

Gifted Trees 

  • Jack Wilson
  • Madeline Brown
  • Everly Brown
  • Evie Blewer
  • Lachlan France
  • Aritz Williamson Sasia
  • Izaro Williamson Sasia
  • Esme Lonsdale
  • Dylan Lonsdale
  • Joshua Lonsdale
  • Wesley Smith
  • Quentin Smith
  • Ellalaine Smith
  • Kelvin Squire
  • Carolyn Squire
  • Leon Squire
  • Fergus Goldsmith
  • Tony Nicholls