We are proud to have helped fund multi-use literacy and numeracy resources through the Taranaki Adult Literacy programme. Through our funding they have been able to buy a range of different resources to be applied to a range of learning activities. Keri from Literacy Aotearoa Taranaki outlines below what the funding has been used for.

Smart Cart!

The funding bought a smart cart and some Mᾱori model tech resources. Students had to use the instructions and work as a team to assemble the items and then flat pack them again for the next student.  

For work experience purposes, we purchased a paper trimmer and cash register. The students have considered health and safety when working with these items and are discovering programming instructions with the latter while also improving their numeracy skills 

We also have a thermometer and a scales that the students had to test using the instructions, both of which can be used in other courses.  

The cooking on a budget course has been offered for free to community members and the ingredients alongside some resources (Knives, bowls, graters, frying pans) have been purchased with the funding.  

Road code resources

The road code resources- books, cars, roadmats, trucks, signs etc are being used at three different delivery sites now- Inglewood High School, Taranaki Adult Literacy Services and Waitara Library and tutors are using the smart cart to take resources to these outreach venues.

Taranaki Adult Literacy Services is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is quality provision of adult basic education. They provide a range of support for adult literacy and learning assistance to adults throughout Taranaki at no cost to the learner. They help so many people and it is a great not-for-profit organisation to support.