This year marks a new chapter for the Friends of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery|Len Lye Centre in Taranaki with the launch of The Swingiest Fund for Generations of Art Lovers, opened with Te Karaka Foundation.

“Just like Monica Brewster and Len Lye had the remarkable vision to think beyond today and leave a legacy, we’re looking to the future and have established a way for passionate contemporary art lovers and community minded individuals to contribute to a fund that will provide an enduring source of support,” says Friends of the Gallery’s Kim Dunlop-Roberts.

The Friends of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery has played a vital role in supporting the gallery since 1971.
“We see the fund as an opportunity to encourage philanthropy within the community and to extend the relationship between the Govett-Brewster and future generations of art lovers,” says Dunlop-Roberts.

Anyone can contribute to the fund, which is managed by Te Karaka, either now or as a gift in their will. Gifts will keep on giving because all the donations are pooled together and invested. The capital remains intact and each year the income is distributed.

“We’re thrilled to establish this fund with the Friends, which is a great example of connecting a group of passionate people to a cause that has great resonance with its community,” says Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner.
Te Karaka is Taranaki’s community foundation connecting generous people with the people, projects and charitable causes making a real difference in the Taranaki community.

“Our dream is for future generations of contemporary art lovers to look back with pride on the extraordinary vision of not only Monica in establishing the ‘swingiest art gallery in the antipodes’ and Len Lye’s generous gift of art, sculpture and film to Taranaki, but also the fund that was established in 2018 to provide an enduring source of funding to realise the aspirations of the day for the gallery,” says Dunlop-Roberts.

To find our more visit the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery website.

To contribute to the fund please contact us.