Thanks to the generosity of one of Te Karaka’s donors 14 people with hearing and visually impairments have received grants over the last two years for equipment to help in their day to day lives, education and to help keep safe.

“We’ve been delighted to work with this kind, generous donor to realise her aspirations to help people with disabilities,” says Te Karaka Foundation CE Grace Wesolowska.

Some of the Hearing and Visual Grant recipients

Over the last two years grants have been given for specialist smoke alarms and alarms for deaf children, cochlear implant covers to enable children with implants to still be able to hear while swimming or playing sport in the rain, assistive technology for learning and working and even a tandem bike to enable a visually impaired woman to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.

Two BLENNZ (Blind Low Vision Education Network) Taranaki students have received iPads to provide increased accessibility to learning. “We’re grateful for the grants for Ben and Jack who will benefit from having their own iPads that can be used at school and home for learning,” says Kay Hood, Manager, BLENNZ Taranaki.

“The iPad provides many accessible features and apps from access to books that can be enlarged to the child’s preferred font size, apps to read the text when children require a visual break to apps to scan and enlarge worksheets that allow the child to write or draw on them so they can be printed or emailed to the teacher,” she adds.

Hearing impaired Eden Fairweather recently received a smoke and alarm clock system that when triggered create vibrations in her beds and flash lights on the clock to grab her attention.

“Thanks for giving our daughter such a lifesaving and life changing gift,” says Dad Jason Fairweather.

“I’m thrilled that my modest gift of funding for those with hearing and visual challenges has already benefited 14 people and their families, it just goes to show how targeting funding can be quite transformative,” says Te Karaka Foundation’s donor.