Club R & R 2020, Awesome Camp for Awesome kids

Many children with disabilities are unable to participate fully in the festive season; some are unable to read a book or play with toys without support. Children with disabilities often are unable to attend holiday programmes, let alone a fun camp with their siblings and peers -the level of support required is prohibitive to their attendance.  The vision for the camp came from one of Te Karaka Foundation’s generous donors – Nancy Mills, who has a passion for helping children. With Nancy’s generosity and a positive response from Conductive Education, the concept of Club R&R was born…continue reading →

Giving Tuesday

Kia Ora, Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday (3rd December), a global day of celebrating giving and generosity. On this Giving Tuesday, we’re saying thanks to all the wonderful people whose generosity impacts our community every day. On behalf of the Board and the team, thank you for your generosity, for your kindness, and for helping us to make lasting, positive change for our community.      It is my dream that the work of generous people will mean no one in Taranaki will live in hardship, loneliness and isolation.“If every one of us, tucked one other person in need…continue reading →

We are proud to establish the Fund for Hospice Taranaki

Te Karaka Foundation has teamed up with Hospice Taranaki to help facilitate bequests from its supporters, making it easier for members of the community to leave a legacy or gift, helping ensure Hospice Taranaki will    always care and be there for our community. “We were impressed with the community foundations model as it will not only ease the fundraising burden but also provide our supporters with a way to invest in our future and help us to ensure we can continue to provide our specialist hospice care and support to all who need…continue reading →

The Christmas gift that keeps on giving

We’re not giving Christmas presents this year, knowing the money saved is going to people that need our ongoing help more than presents this Christmas. What’s in it for you?  A great way to show your support for the people that need it the mostBe a good Citizen of Taranaki A good news story to share with your family, friends, business community, clients, customers  Feel good knowing you are helping others and making a differenceRecognition on Te Karaka’s website, Facebook page, radio and newsletter  How to do it  Let us know so we can help publicise your good deed Tell your friends, clients and community what you are doing and why   (e.g. e-card, newsletter, Facebook, website,…continue reading →

Help us to fund the holiday camp for children with disabilities

Give these children the best gift ever – A holiday camp specially designed for them where they can have fun, play and socialise in a safe and specially designed environment for their needs. This Camp will give them the chance to spend five days together, get to know one another, play, learn, and have fun. The first holiday camp for the children with disabilities in the Taranaki region was organised in January 2019.  The camp allowed the children to have experiences they usually would not have access to and together enjoy the excitement and…continue reading →

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy for your community through a gift in your will?

Glen Fergusson has done just that by giving back to the local community with a gift in his will. His gift will go to scholarships for students in the Taranaki community, going to where the needs are the greatest. Glen Fergusson has lived in Taranaki his whole life, following a career in journalism and photography with Taranaki newspapers, retiring in 1997 as Chief Photographer.He has enjoyed his retirement years and had been thinking about what to do with his estate for some time when he came upon the option of leaving a legacy…continue reading →

September is Wills Month- is your will up to date?

Did you know that over 50 percent of New Zealanders do not have a will?Having a will gives you peace of mind that you have made the best plans possible for the people and the causes that you care about, making it easier on your family and friends when the time comes. Making or changing your will is easy. And leaving a gift to be safeguarded by your local Community Foundation can ensure that your life’s work can live on and continue to give to causes that you care about, forever. See more at…continue reading →

Making a Difference in our Community

Te Karaka Foundation, through the generosity of one of our donors, was able to help the Rodrique Hope Trust to purchase 250 warm jackets for children in our community who do not have sufficient warm clothing to go to school in during the winter months. The goal of this project is to see a reduction in the time students are having off school because of weather and cold-related sicknesses. We know that education is imperative to these young people breaking the poverty cycle, and we are confident that our donation will help them…continue reading →

Can you shout a coffee a week?

If just five percent of the working population of Taranaki donated $5 a week that would grow to $5m in five years. All for the price of a cup of coffee per week. Download the flyer here and advertise it around your workplacecontinue reading →

Sustainable Taranaki making a difference with our youth

Te Karaka is proud to have funded Sustainable Taranaki to run programmes for Oranga Tamariki youth. The programme facilitates youth-led environmental projects that engage and give back to the local community. Impact is focused on a strengths based approach, supporting youth to develop their individual and team strengths, their interests and passions. After exploring current global, national and local environmental challenges the students were interested in initiating a number of projects. After some collective decision making the group decided to focus on an area they connected with rather than a specific project, with…continue reading →

Taranaki Adult Literacy

We are proud to have helped fund multi-use literacy and numeracy resources through the Taranaki Adult Literacy programme. Through our funding they have been able to buy a range of different resources to be applied to a range of learning activities. Keri from Literacy Aotearoa Taranaki outlines below what the funding has been used for. Smart Cart! The funding bought a smart cart and some Mᾱori model tech resources. Students had to use the instructions and work as a team to assemble the items and then flat pack them again for the next…continue reading →

One Donor, 14 Recipients

Thanks to the generosity of one of Te Karaka’s donors 14 people with hearing and visually impairments have received grants over the last two years for equipment to help in their day to day lives, education and to help keep safe. “We’ve been delighted to work with this kind, generous donor to realise her aspirations to help people with disabilities,” says Te Karaka Foundation CE Grace Wesolowska. Some of the Hearing and Visual Grant recipients Over the last two years grants have been given for specialist smoke alarms and alarms for deaf children,…continue reading →

Hand up for Young People in Central Taranaki

Children and young people from Stratford and the wider Central Taranaki district experiencing difficulties will be able to tap into support from Tūtaki Youth this year thanks in part to funding from Te Karaka Foundation and Tindall Foundation. “We’re thankful that we’re able to continue our successful Children and Youth Wellbeing Support Service again this year thanks to the significant contribution from philanthropic funders Te Karaka Foundation and Tindall Foundation,” says Tūtaki Funding and Safety Coordinator Phoebe Hall. “Through our work in the community, it is evident that the need for this service…continue reading →

New South Taranaki Cooking Class Cuts the Mustard

The South Taranaki Whanau Centre (STWC) has hit the mark with their latest course – Nutritional Cooking on a Budget. Brooke and tutor Helen “These cooking classes have certainly me made me far more aware of my health and how to look after it on a budget, I use to think eating healthy was something I couldn’t afford. Now I cook more than ever and even my friends comment on how my cooking has improved and is tastier!” says recent participant Brooke. “We developed three new courses as a result of feedback we…continue reading →

Give Back & Get Back

You don’t need to be a current Te Karaka donor or partner to support our community. And if you make a donation before 31 March you can claim 33.3% of it back, up to the level of your taxable income. To give to the General Taranaki Fund or a fund of your choice please contact us. Read more about the following Community Funds: Purangi Kiwi and Kokako Project Fund Taranaki Retreat Legacy Fund The Swingiest Fund for Generations of Art Lovers New Plymouth Riding for the Disabled Conductive Education Taranaki Hauora Fund Feel…continue reading →

Men only Programme at Refuge gets Support

A tailored men-only programme run by Taranaki Women’s Refuge to help men make positive changes about how they think, feel and behave in a relationship has received support from Te Karaka Foundation. David Younger “Projects to strengthen families are well supported by our generous donors and we were impressed by the positive outcomes this programme is achieving,” says Te Karaka Foundation Chair Ken Horner. Into its fourth year, ASPIRE began as a pilot programme, and now runs 20 hours a week from the Taranaki Women’s Refuge community office. The programme is free, voluntary…continue reading →