A scholarship from Te Karaka Foundation for eight-year-old Dylan Bates to attend MindPlus one day a week is helping him to learn why he thinks the way the does and indulge his special interests, currently computer programming.

“One of my hesitations abut Dylan attending MindPlus was the cost, so this scholarship from Te Karaka eases that stress and I am very grateful,” says Dylan’s Mum Sonya Bates.

“One of our generous donors has a history in education and a passion for helping Taranaki young people fulfil their potential. With our help she has been able to offer scholarships for young people to attend MindPlus,” says Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner.

Children generally go to MindPlus one day a week for four years where they not only focus on customised, strength-based learning experiences to further develop their gifts and talents but also grow a greater understanding of themselves.

“Dylan has always displayed intense concentration and had strong, focused interests but was hard to engage at school at first. There were behavioural challenges and it was difficult not to focus on the negative. Fortunately, one of his teachers suggested I attend a talk on gifted learners and I was able to better understand Dylan’s talents and challenges. He then joined MindPlus one day a week and he too is learning to understand himself better while being encouraged and supported to pursue his interest areas fully,” says Sonya.

Dylan attends Central School in New Plymouth and since attending MindPlus has started an after school coding club.

Additional information
Te Karaka is Taranaki’s community foundation connecting generous people with the people, projects and charitable causes making a real difference in the Taranaki community. www.tkf.org.nz

MindPlus is a programme for gifted 6-13 year olds that provides intellectual, creative, social and emotional learning and support. Children come together, with a specialist teacher, for one day each week.