Te Karaka Foundation, through the generosity of one of our donors, was able to help the Rodrique Hope Trust to purchase 250 warm jackets for children in our community who do not have sufficient warm clothing to go to school in during the winter months.

The goal of this project is to see a reduction in the time students are having off school because of weather and cold-related sicknesses. We know that education is imperative to these young people breaking the poverty cycle, and we are confident that our donation will help them to participate at school and in the classroom.

In June 2019 Roderique Hope Trust was thrilled to be the recipient of $4,500 donated through Te Karaka Foundation by an incredibly generous member of the community to assist children and young people living in poverty who are not in a position to purchase or own a clean, warm jacket this winter.

“On behalf of the team, we want to extend over most sincere thank you to Te Karaka Foundation and the generosity of the donor which has enabled Roderique Hope Trust to grow this project to meet the needs of more and more children in our community,” says Roderique Hope Trust’s Michelle Ramage.

“We wish that Te Karaka’s generous donor will be able to support this fantastic programme on an annual basis”.