Taranaki Community Fund 2020 (TCF2020)

We hope you and all your whanau are well. 

We established the Taranaki Community Fund 2020 only two weeks ago and the generosity and care of our community are already shining through. We received many calls from people asking how they can help. A huge thank you to everyone who is reaching out and special gratitude to Nancy Mills, who was the first to donate to our Fund and is one of the most generous citizens of our region. 

We are delighted to share Nancy’s story with you: 

A Heart- Warming Story From Taranaki

“As a result of this pandemic, people are without jobs and there will not be enough money for people to meet their basic needs. I want to help in the community where it will make the biggest difference.”

When Nancy Mills gives, she gives with heart, wanting to know that it’s going to be of real help to individuals and families in the community. 

This year, because of the fallout from Covid-19, Nancy found herself having to cancel an upcoming trip to the USA. She says that while the cancellation was disappointing, she could also see that her community’s needs this year would be increasing, so she decided to donate the funds she would have spent on her travels to her local community, via Te Karaka Foundation. 

Nancy’s donation will go into Te Karaka’s Taranaki Community Fund to be put to use in her community where the needs are going to be the greatest over the coming months ahead. 

“ If one person or family will benefit, then my donation, no matter how much, will have been worthwhile. ”. 

Nancy says that she gets great joy from giving. “My parents were very generous to others in need. When I give, I always think of them and of how pleased they would be  to see me following in their footsteps.” 

“Nancy has been a consistent and generous supporter of Taranaki causes  from Te Karaka’s inception. I am not surprised at her early response to the needs that Covid-19 will generate,” says Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner. 

Te Karaka Foundation receives many requests for urgent funding already and we plan to distribute funds from TCF2020 as early as April 2020. 

None of us knows how our community will be impacted, but one thing is for sure – the need for funding is going to increase. Te Taraka Foundation is ideally placed to channel the generosity of a region to where it’s needed most and to pay grants quickly to support the gaps not covered by government funding. 

If you want to help, Te Karaka Foundation is making it easy for you to donate to where the needs are the greatest, helping our most vulnerable through this crisis and helping local charities on the front line doing great work.  

The generosity of every individual or corporate donor will be acknowledged on our website and shared with our community on Te Karaka’s social media and marketing materials 

Big and small donations will all make a difference, and talk to us if you want your funds to be channelled towards a particular initiative or cause. We are here to help you give the way that you want. Please find how to donate https://tekaraka.org.nz/product/make-a-donation/

Every donation has a Big Impact on the wellbeing of our community through the Covid-19 crisis and in the future. Donations of any size are welcome. 

If two thousand people – close to only 2 percent of the population of Taranaki donated $10 a week, our Fund would grow to over 1m in one year.  

Donations made during your lifetime qualify for a tax rebate.


Stay safe, be kind and look after each other. 
Trustees and CEO 

Te Karaka Foundation