Donations made during your lifetime qualify for a tax rebate of 33.3% up to the limit of your taxable income.  

It’s now easier than ever to get back your tax on charitable giving. So find a cause close to your heart through Te Karaka Foundation and we’ll walk you through our smarter giving model and how to get your tax credit back. 

Through Te Karaka Foundation, your giving can go much further towards supporting what you truly care about forever.  

You don’t need to be a current Te Karaka donor or partner to support our community and We can work with you to find a way to give that works for you: 

Give to an existing fund 

There may already be a fund set up that’s working towards something you care about. Or you can contribute to the collective pool of the general Taranaki Fund and leave it to us to channel funds where they are needed most. 

Funds   –

Set up a new fund 

Gifts of significant size can be eligible to become your own Named Endowment Fund. You  can choose the name and which charities or causes will receive donations from the Fund’s income. And you or your descendants will receive annual reports on earnings and distributions from your Fund. 

Give as part of a group 

Workplace giving is a way for employers and groups of employees to give back to their community. We can help companies set up regular giving via their payroll system. 

Giving Circles are a gathering of like-minded people pooling their financial resources and collectively contributing to a better society. We can help get your group started. 

Donations of any size are welcome. Every donation has a Big Impact on the Taranaki community now and in the future. 

Feel free to get in contact for more information about ‘giving back and getting back’ or use ‘Donate Now’ link on our website.