Thanks to the generosity of people in our community and funding from The Tindall Foundation, we are able to make gifts to organisations in Taranaki who support the diverse needs of the region.

Te Karaka’s Annual Funding

Who can apply?

  • Applications for funding must have a charitable purpose or purposes, being beneficial to the community principally in (but not limited to) Taranaki
  • Applications must be received from the entity that will govern and/or manage the activity being applied for

Application form

Te Karaka does not fund:

  • Projects or activities that are outside the geographic borders of New Zealand
  • Political advocacy or advancement or other lobby groups
  • Activities where the primary purpose is fundraising or re-gifting

If you are unsure if you can apply please contact us.

Our donors’ funding priorities are:

  • At risk youth
  • Aged care
  • Organisations working in South Taranaki, via the Winifred Knight Trust
  • Hearing and visually impaired people*

*This fund has a dedicated application form. 

Note: Gifts from this fund will be distributed in December.

When to apply
There is one funding round per year, the next funding round opens on the 3rd August 2020- and closes on the 26th September 2020.

Tindall Foundation Funding
Te Karaka Foundation also also oversees the allocation of Tindall Foundation funding to support families and social services in the Taranaki region. Applications for funding are closing on the 31th August 2020.

Tindall Foundation funding priorities include community groups that deliver:

  • Community Services and Development
  • Early Years (up to age 7)
  • Youth Development
  • Literacy & Numeracy (but not Core Education)
  • Budgeting
  • Maori
  • Migrant/Refugee & Cross-Cultural
  • Housing

For  information and to apply please visit

Other Funding Sources