Future-Proof  Your Charitable Trust

As part of its commitment to encouraging philanthropy and administering endowments in Taranaki, Te Karaka Foundation provides professional fund management and specialist grant-making expertise for charitable trusts and community groups.

Fund Management

As a community group you can future-proof your organisation by establishing a Named Endowment Fund. The income earned by your fund will be granted back to you annually, providing a regular income and enabling you to plan and achieve your goals more effectively.

A Named Endowment Fund gives you all the benefits of your own trust along with reduced risks, fewer administration costs, and the advantage of Te Karaka Foundation’s expertise. You can encourage donors to contribute to your fund either during their lifetimes or as bequests. The endowment model ensures that your donors’ gifts are enduring.

Grants Management

Te Karaka Foundation also provides community groups with a grants management service. By this means, your organisation or its trust effectively becomes a ‘sub-fund’ of Te Karaka Foundation.

Te  Karaka Foundation takes on the responsibility for the investment of endowed funds and the distribution of grant funds while your organisation retains the ability to identify grant recipients when required.

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Charity & Community Group Funds

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