Ways to Give

Gifts to Te Karaka Foundation can be made in a number of ways. As an individual, family or organisation, you can set up your own Named Endowment Fund or contribute to an established fund. You can give to Taranaki during your lifetime and/or as part of a bequest.

Name Your Own Endowment Fund

The Named Endowment Fund enables you to designate your gift to specific community groups or charitable causes; or to direct ‘unrestricted’ funds to the Taranaki Fund; or to do a mixture of both. Your fund can be established in your own name if you wish, and you will receive annual updates on your fund’s earnings and distributions.

Your Named Endowment Fund can be established with a one-off donation of $50,000 or more, or through a series of donations over an agreed period of time. Granting from your Named Endowment Fund will begin once your fund reaches $50,000. Read some of our recent gifting stories.

Setting Up A Fund

To help you set up a Named Endowment Fund, a Te Karaka Foundation representative will discuss with you whether to donate during your lifetime and/or as part of a bequest; what beneficiaries you wish to designate; and how much you would like to give. We will provide you with information to assist your legal adviser to establish your fund, and we will keep you (and later your descendants) up to date with your fund’s earnings and distributions and the progress of the Te Karaka Foundation.


Contact us  to find out more about creating your own gift that keeps on giving to the Taranaki community.