As part of our commitment to encouraging philanthropy and administering funds in Taranaki, Te Karaka Foundation provides professional fund management and specialist grant-making expertise for charitable trusts and community groups.

You can donate to the following funds either during your lifetime and or as bequest. Our funding model ensures that your gifts are enduring – your gift will keep on giving because all the donations are pooled together and invested. The capital remains intact and each year the investment income is distributed to the specified charity, community group or groups.

To give, contact us or deposit your donation to: 15-3953-0804837-00 (reference TaraFund/Kiwi/Retreat/Art).

Taranaki Fund

The Taranaki Fund is a general fund established by Te Karaka Foundation to meet priority needs for the Taranaki Community. There is no minimum donation amount for contributions to this fund.

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Purangi Kiwi and Kokako Project Fund

The Kiwi and Kokaka Project at Purangi, East Taranaki is a community initiative, involving the implementaion of a suite of pest control and advocacy measures to promote conservation and sustainability in the Purangi/Matau and Pouiatoa catchments. The East Taranaki Environment Trust provides kiwi, and soon to arrive, kokako a place to thrive. They are proud to be one of the largest community environment schemes in New Zealand. This is an area of significant habitat of nationally threatened and at risk indigneous species.

Supporters are encouraged to contribute to directly to the Purangi Kiwi and Kokako Project fund to help provide a place for Kiwi and Kokako to thrive. Learn more about Purangi and Kokako Project

Taranaki Retreat Legacy Fund

Taranaki Retreat was established to provide time-out space at a community sanctuary for families and individuals to stay, free of charge, when times are tough.

The door of the Taranaki Retreat will always be open. When people need a break from whatever the pressure may be – whether they’ve been touched by suicide, sustained a loss of any kind, they will find sanctuary in this space, created for peace and beauty; they will find a welcome.

You can now support the Taranaki Retreat forever, through a donation or bequest to the Taranaki Retreat Legacy Fund. Gifts to this fund will help with the operating costs of the Retreat and later on, to develop the wonderful facility further. Learn more about Taranaki Retreat

The Swingiest Fund for Generations of Art Lovers

Just as Monica Brewster and Len Lye both had the remarkable vision to think beyond today; so too are The Friends of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre looking to the future by establishing the Friends’ Fund with Te Karaka Foundation. Support The Swingiest Fund for Generations of Art Lovers through a donation or bequest. Follow The Friends of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre on Facebook.

Or, Create your own Fund for a charity or community group

Contact us to find out more about making a contribution to an existing fund or creating a new fund.