Te Karaka Foundation is the charitable foundation established for Taranaki, our people and the causes that are important to us.

Through giving we positively impact the community and contribute to our mission of helping build a thriving Taranaki; an outstanding place to live, learn, work and play, now and for generations to come.


The Te Karaka Foundation administers endowment funds which create a new and complementary source of funding for Taranaki. By 2025 we aim to distribute $450,000 each year in local grants.

Whether you are an individual, family or organisation, Te Karaka Foundation provides you with a personal and enduring way to support the causes close to your home and close to your heart.  Read about some of our recent gifting stories and the generous people that have established funds to benefit Taranaki, forever.

We anticipate that there are many more people keen to help our local community by creating your own gift that keeps on giving through Te Karaka Foundation.

Te Karaka Foundation is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 (Number 2632391). Charities Registration Number: CC51935