Grant Helps Young People Transition from School to Work

CCS Disability Action Taranaki has earmarked recent funding received from the Te Karaka Foundation to help some of their young clients from central and south Taranaki transition from school to work or further education. “Every year we have two to three students who need help developing an action plan to bridge the gap between school and employment and the support to put it in place,” says CCS Disability Action Taranaki Service Manager Alison Goldby. Assistance ranges from helping set up work experience placements to job hunting support to travel and logistics. “Our major…continue reading →

Positive Ageing Trust’s Financial Seminar a Success

Reliant on grants to run events, the Positive Ageing Trust were able to run a free financial seminar in April attracting more than 180 people thanks to a grant administered by Te Karaka. “We had a lot of demand to run a seminar on home finances, but had no idea we would attract such a large number of attendees,” says New Plymouth Positive Ageing Trust Trustee Mr David Showler. “The two main objectives were to provide unbiased, simple financial advice for pensioners with some money to invest and the pros and cons of…continue reading →

Funding for Hawera Budget Advisory Services Helps Retain Volunteers

Hawera Budget Advisory Service volunteers will not be out of pocket thanks to funding from the Tindall Foundation. “With only three paid staff, we rely on volunteers to help meet the demand for our services and provide mentoring to our clients. With this funding we can pay for volunteers’ training costs, travel expenses and safety items, like pre-paid cellphones for those going on home visits,” says Hawera Budget Advisory Service Manager Julie Gaudin. Volunteers fill an important mentoring role with clients, helping with everything from advocacy work – accompanying clients to see other…continue reading →

Boost for New Plymouth Emergency Shelter

Taranaki’s New Plymouth Emergency Shelter Trust who run the region’s only emergency shelter for men has received a timely financial boost thanks to funding from the Tindall Foundation. Responsibility for allocating funding of around $40,000 per year under the Tindall Foundation’s supporting families and social services programme is overseen by Te Karaka Foundation. “We’re pleased the Tindall Foundation have recognised Te Karaka’s expertise and local knowledge and have entrusted us to make recommendations and support organisations like the New Plymouth Emergency Shelter Trust,” says Te Karaka Foundation Chair Ken Horner. “Last year we…continue reading →

Getting Licensed

Around 30 young people from central and south Taranaki are getting a helping hand to get their driver’s licences thanks to a grant from the Tindall Foundation. “Getting a driver’s licence improves our young people’s access to education and employment, removes the isolation barriers in a rural community with limited public transport and improves safety on the roads for all of us,” says Central Taranaki Blue Light Ventures Coordinator Saskia Mills. Results from a 2013 Roadsafe Taranaki Survey of 5,300 secondary school students in Taranaki found that while 2,180 had driven a car…continue reading →

Birthday Giving with a Difference

A simple idea of asking birthday guests to give to charity in lieu of a present has raised $750 for Te Karaka, Taranaki’s community foundation. Birthday girl Vicki Haylock, who recently celebrated ‘10 years of being 40’, said: “Celebrating with friends and family was my priority, not the presents, so this seemed like the perfect solution – friends had an easy way of making a gift to Te Karaka through Givealittle and I get pleasure out of knowing this money will be pooled, invested and the earnings from the nest egg will be…continue reading →

Grant Makes all the Difference for Tertiary Study

To many a laptop computer is not a make or break item, but to 18-year-old hearing impaired student Den Manuel-Isaacs, a grant from Te Karaka to purchase a laptop has made all the difference to him being able to take on tertiary study. “Without the grant, Den would not have been able to buy a laptop and would not have been able to attend WITT,” says mum Lakhi Manuel-Isaacs.  “Thanks to a generous donor we have been able to offer grants to people with hearing and visually impairments and we have been pleased…continue reading →

Opunake High School Students are Becoming World Ready

Around 70 senior students from Opunake High School students have received a Real World Ready book thanks to a grant from the Winifred Knight Trust Fund, administered by Te Karaka Foundation. “We use the books in our mentoring programme – we pick a couple of subjects each term and use them as a theme to focus our work ready activities around,” says Opunake Teacher Geoff Watt. “Just this term we looked at nutrition and the year 13 students made a healthy breakfast for their peers as a way of putting the theoretical learning…continue reading →

Thomas Can Play in the Rain with new Cochlear Implant Aqua Covers

Stratford’s five-and-a-half-year-old Thomas Geater can now hear instructions and safety messages when he is swimming and play football on a rainy day thanks to new aqua covers for his two cochlear implants. “We’re so grateful for Te Karaka’s grant to purchase cochlear covers, now Thomas is not sitting on the side lines or having to remove his implants and be plunged back into a world of silence in order to participate in water activities – it’s opened up a whole new world for him,” says Mum Michelle.  Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner says:…continue reading →

Hearing device Roger meets seeing device Ruby

There was no jealousy as 72-year-old Gary Tanswell introduced Roger to Ruby. Ruby, an electronic magnifying device, has been helping partially sighted and hearing impaired Gary carry out his voluntary work for the Blind Foundation, and he always knew a Phonak Roger Pen would be a wonderful addition to both his volunteer roles and day-to-day life too. “I’ve trialled the Roger Pen before, but unfortunately I didn’t qualify for funding, so when Te Karaka Foundation stepped in with their grant I was thrilled,” he says Te Karaka chair Ken Horner says: “Through the…continue reading →

No Excuse for Not ‘Hearing’ Alarm Clock Now for Deaf Stratford Student

There’s no excuse for 13-year old Stratford High School student Joshua Trowbridge being late for school now. Deaf since birth, Joshua has just got his first alarm clock thanks to a grant from Te Karaka Foundation. It is no ordinary alarm clock though – it’s a combination alarm clock-fire alarm that uses vibration and flashing lights rather than sound to grab the attention of the user. “When we opened the box of equipment it was just like Christmas,” says Joshua’s Mum Catherine Trowbridge. Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner says: “Through the generosity of…continue reading →

New CE Appointed

Grace Wesolowska, Te Karaka’s new CE, remembers her first charitable act as a young girl buying a brick to rebuild the Royal Castle in post-war Poland. This standout childhood memory marked the start of a lifelong commitment to helping those around her and has carried on through Grace’s professional life and in the upbringing of her two daughters. Grace believes that philanthropy begins with a strong sense of community and togetherness rather than a focus on the individual. “It is the community that individuals create together, that is the engine that moves everyone…continue reading →

Back on the Road Again for Visually Impaired Rider

A grant to put towards purchasing a secondhand tandem bike has meant visually impaired Bell Block mum and keen cyclist Teena McEwen can get back in the saddle. Legally blind since birth, Teena doesn’t let a lack of vision stand in her way of being active. She took up bike riding four years ago when the Blind Foundation matched her with a pilot, the rider that steers, changes gears and describes the upcoming terrain, but had to put biking on hold as the tandem she had got beyond repair. Her saving and fundraising…continue reading →

New Smoke Alarms for Hearing Impaired Children

How do you hear a smoke alarm if you are deaf? What about an alarm clock? For hearing impaired children Benji (9) and Sadie (7) Earl these two every day challenges have been overcome with specially designed smoke alarms and alarm clocks provided through a grant from Te Karaka Foundation. “Through the generosity of one of our donors Te Karaka was able to establish a fund for people with hearing and visual impairments and we’re delighted with the interest in the grants from the community,” says Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner. When triggered,…continue reading →

Tindall Foundation Funding Available Now

Are you part of a community group or charity that works with families or runs social services? Applications for the next round of Tindall Foundation funding for Taranaki organisations close on Wednesday 28 February. Responsibility for allocating funding of around $40,000 per year under the Tindall Foundation’s Supporting Families and Social Services programme is now being overseen by Te Karaka Foundation. “The Tindall Foundation has a unique system where they use local funding managers and committees to allocate funding under this programme and we’re thrilled the Tindall Foundation have recognised our expertise and…continue reading →

Te Karaka Supports START Taranaki’s Programme for At Risk Youth

Te Karaka Foundation is pleased to be contributing to funding START Taranaki’s new programme for at risk Taranaki youth. In November 2016, with support from the TSB Community Trust, the Kaponga-based organisation launched START Early; an early intervention programme aimed at building trust, resilience, self-awareness and life skills for young men from Taranaki. START Early starts with an isolation phase, involving two full weeks in the bush and a two-night solo period. Other activities foster openness between participants, staff and whanau, creating supportive relationships and bonds to serve them throughout the year ahead…continue reading →

Generous but not Organised

Kiwis are a generous bunch, giving around 1.5 billion to charities and charitable organisations every year, but we’re not always very organised about it. Fewer than 8% of New Zealanders give to charities in their will, but research suggests if they are prompted, they are twice as likely to give. “In my experience clients are very receptive to the idea of leaving a gift in their will when asked,” says lawyer and Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner. Te Karaka Foundation is taking part in this year’s Include A Charity Campaign to help raise…continue reading →

Ohangai Centennial Teaching Scholarship Recipient

Hawera High School graduate Morgan Cowper is the most recent recipient of the $1,000 Ohangai Centennial Teaching Scholarship from the Winifred Knight Trust. She, like former educator Winifred Knight, is one day keen to serve her local community. “Once I have finished studying, I would like to move back to Taranaki, possibly Hawera as it is the area where my family and I grew up in and it would be a great opportunity to be able to teach the children of my family and friends, and give back to the community I lived…continue reading →

Community Foundations of NZ – Newsletter

Te Karaka is part of something bigger! Take a look and see what our national body is doing in support of regional Foundations. Here's the latest news from Community Foundations across Aotearoa New Zealand. Click here April 17 Newsletter - Community Foundations of NZcontinue reading →

Debbie McCallum becomes Dairy Trust Taranaki science co-ordinator

Debbie McCallum has been appointed to the role of regional science co-ordinator for the new Dairy Trust Taranaki. A new organisation set up to direct dairy industry research in Taranaki recognises the province's long history of farmer education and dairying research. That's the view of respected Taranaki farm consultant and Te Karaka Foundation Trustee Debbie McCallum, who's been appointed to co-ordinate Dairy Trust Taranaki's science programme. Read more about here Taranaki Daily News, 6 December 2016  continue reading →
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