A simple idea of asking birthday guests to give to charity in lieu of a present has raised $750 for Te Karaka, Taranaki’s community foundation.

Birthday girl Vicki Haylock, who recently celebrated ‘10 years of being 40’, said: “Celebrating with friends and family was my priority, not the presents, so this seemed like the perfect solution – friends had an easy way of making a gift to Te Karaka through Givealittle and I get pleasure out of knowing this money will be pooled, invested and the earnings from the nest egg will be granted to the community for years to come.”

This year, Te Karaka has made grants to at risk youth, members of the hearing and visually impaired community as well as to families and social service providers and young people via educational scholarships.

“We’re really appreciative of Vicki showing generosity and leadership around giving and encouraging her friends and family to support Te Karaka,” says Te Karaka Chair Ken Horner.

Vicki is the former CE of Te Karaka Foundation and in addition to her birthday giving, has set up an endowment fund, which she pays into yearly, in memory of her uncle – Dr BF Clarke. In a few years’ time the fund will make grants to benefit health causes in Taranaki.

Te Karaka is Taranaki’s community foundation connecting generous people with the people, projects and charitable causes making a real difference in the Taranaki community.